Flawless Matifying Primer 丝柔臻颜妆前乳


Flawless Matifying Primer 丝柔臻颜妆前乳





Imported from France, velvet cream texture, warm and easy to melt, elegant fragrance. Gently apply on the skin to feel the velvety softness and smoothness. The peach-pink hue gives the skin a natural touch and reveals full vitality.


It relieves pores and fine lines, effectively control oil, just like a layer of tulle. The skin is smooth and delicate without makeup, clean and fresh as microdermabrasion; Use before makeup for the long-lasting look. Say goodbye to oxidize and yellowish and say hello to refreshing and translucent.


法国进口内容物,丝绒霜质地,温润易融,香调雅致。在肌肤上轻轻推开, 感受到丝绒般的柔软顺滑。蜜桃粉色调,为肌肤自然润色,透出满满元气。


一抹填平毛孔细纹等凹凸不平,并长时有效控油,肌肤不泛油光,宛若蒙上一层薄纱。素颜使用,肌肤平滑细腻,似磨皮般干净清新;状前使用, 令妆容持久服帖,不易氧化泛黄,清爽通透。