Arctic Essence Mist 北极黑云杉喷雾


Arctic Essence Mist 北极黑云杉喷雾





Packed the forest into Pearlosophy Arctic Essence Mist. Use the clear woody fragrance to awaken wisdom and isolate the skin and hair from pollution while repairing and purifying, replenishing moisture to achieve long-lasting makeup. Close your eyes and spray gently to blend in with nature.


Contains Norwegian spruce leaf extract, Centella Asiatica extract, Bio-Gum-4 & Tetrahydromethylpyrimidine carboxylic acid (Ecdoin), Denstrum flower extract, Baobab seed extract & PatcH2OW multiple core ingredients work together to achieve the best results.


把森林装进了真珠美学北极黑云杉喷雾之中。用清澈的木香唤醒智慧, 持续为皮肤、发丝隔离污染、修护净化、补水锁水、定格妆容。闭上眼, 轻轻喷洒,融入自然。

含有挪威云杉叶提取物、积雪草提取物、生物糖胶-4 & 四氢甲基嘧啶 羧酸(依克多因)、密蒙花提取物、猴面包树籽提取物&PatcH2OW多重 核心成分,协作发挥功效。