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Electric Skin Mask + Refill x4


4 sets Ultimate Repair Serum + 4x Electronic Mask Refill sets Lumiere Glowing Serum - For Skin Brightening

Electronic Skin Mask 电子皮肤面膜


Your 25-minutes Exquisite SPA-like Experience starts here! A more affordable skin-renewal nanotechnology at the comfort of your home! What it does: Helps to fight various skin problems for brighter...

Bio-Cellulose Repair Eye Mask 生物纤维肌源修护眼膜


10ml x 5   Bio-cellulose Repair Eye Mask adopted black tea and bacterial membrane fermented by bacteria as the base material of the membrane cloth, natural, environmentally friendly, transparent, s...

Fresh Rose Water Mask 鲜活玫瑰花水面膜


22ml x 5pcs x 2boxes   The Bulgarian Rose Valley has excellent natural conditions and is a haven for Damascus roses. The resulting Damascus rose has a high content of skin-beautifying ingredients a...

Prestige Spa Gold Mask 发酵精华金箔面膜


28ml x 5pc   The innovative design of "gold foil outer membrane + natural cotton inner membrane".   The inner membrane contains a high proportion of pearl fermented essence water and a variety of p...

Pearl Essence Mask 珍珠发酵精华面膜


25ml x 5   Thin, soft, and moist silk-like milk film cloth firmly grasps the emulsion-like film liquid. The thin silk membrane cloth can be adjusted according to the face shape to fit the face more...