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Fermented Berry Vegetable Drink 莓蔬发酵饮料


50ml x 8 bottles   Contains nine core components of citrus young fruit extract, comprehensive berry enzyme, blueberry extract, grape seed extract, acerola, acai berry, guarana, ceramide (rice extra...

Fermented Compound Drink 新盘发酵复合饮品


50ml x 8 bottles   Fermented fruit and vegetable juice have a complete nutritional function. Fruits and vegetables can produce beneficial components such as oligosaccharides during the fermentation...

Flawless Matifying Primer 丝柔臻颜妆前乳


30ml   Imported from France, velvet cream texture, warm and easy to melt, elegant fragrance. Gently apply on the skin to feel the velvety softness and smoothness. The peach-pink hue gives the skin ...

Flora Essence Drink


Fresh Rose Water Mask 鲜活玫瑰花水面膜


22ml x 5pcs x 2boxes   The Bulgarian Rose Valley has excellent natural conditions and is a haven for Damascus roses. The resulting Damascus rose has a high content of skin-beautifying ingredients a...

Incredible Smooth Body Scrub 柔滑细嫩身体磨砂膏


200ml   Suitable for daily use. It contains Korean loess, diamond powder, walnut shell powder, small fruit coffee seed powder, and various amino acids and plant extracts to achieve cleansing, sooth...

Invisible Touch Face Powder 珍珠素颜蜜粉


7g   A cute powder like is a puff with its powder, and it is also a skin-raising powder that can be used with peace of mind. The velvet puff is soft and smooth, and the built-in powder is easy to u...

Multi-Protection Cream 水润多效保湿面霜


50ml   The raw materials imported from France contain precious ingredients such as olive squalane, hydrolyzed yeast extract, and deep-sea palm kelp extract, which help the skin absorb a lot of wate...

Nourishing Hair Mask


Touch your it dry, frizzy, dull and has split ends? Other than using conditioner or other haircare products, you should MASK your hair too!   With daily exposure of sun and rain, frequen...

Oxygen Super Cleanser 泡泡洗面奶


110g   2-in-1 facial cleanser + makeup remover. It contains swiftlet nest extract, provides skin with more elasticity and luster; deep-sea pearl essence extract with seaweed gel particles absorb th...

Pearl Essence Mask 珍珠发酵精华面膜


25ml x 5   Thin, soft, and moist silk-like milk film cloth firmly grasps the emulsion-like film liquid. The thin silk membrane cloth can be adjusted according to the face shape to fit the face more...

Pomegranate Red Quinoa Fruity Drink 石榴红颜果蔬饮料


50ml x 8 bottles   The Pomegranate Red Quinoa Fruity Drink helps you to control the absorption of sugar when you have high sugar food intake. (We all love desserts, don't you?)   By having one bott...

Prebiotics Toothpaste 璀璨星河清新牙膏


100g x 2 tubes   The oral cavity is a complex and complete micro-ecosystem. The imbalance of oral flora exacerbates the occurrence of oral problems such as bad breath, tooth decay and periodontitis...

Prestige Spa Gold Mask 发酵精华金箔面膜


28ml x 5pc   The innovative design of "gold foil outer membrane + natural cotton inner membrane".   The inner membrane contains a high proportion of pearl fermented essence water and a variety of p...

Probiotics Powder Beverage 益生菌固体饮料


2g x 16 sachets   The Probiotics Powder Drink improves intestinal functions, enhances intestinal immunity, maintaining respiratory health, protect reproductive tract, and reduces body fats.   It is...